Because Stephanie loves nothing more than creating for you, we decided to offer a bespoke experience.

We offer pre-orders at lower prices and some exclusive models for people who want something unique. As we cannot meet our customers physically, we need to find other ways to connect with them. Therefore, we introduce new products with a pre-order privilege discount for a limited quantity of products. This means that customers help us finance production, creating a win-win system that allows us to remain free and independent.

These products will be offered in limited series, and once the number proposed in pre-order is sold, the products will enter the normal collection and will be sold at full price.

When you make a purchase, you become a contributor and gain access to more and more privileges.

We work with independent artisans and small factories that we want to help grow and remain free. By helping us, you help them, and we’re all united in a cycle of mutual benefit.

We hope you understand and love this way of producing and shopping.