We offer beautiful precious objects at a fair price.
This is for The Rose, the true definition of luxury.
If like us you think it's time to slow down or get off the train you've come to the right place. it is not a question of advocating decrease, it is a question of returning to the essential: beauty.

Slow down before you crash is our mantra at The Rose, without sacrificing beauty and elegance. Quite the contrary.
Our accessories are manufactured in small structures on a human scale. By purchasing our products, in addition to acquiring quality, you also become partners in what we consider to be a virtuous circle. Our will, our raison d'être is to perpetuate a know-how by allowing small craftsmen to survive in a very aggressive world, even more so after the health crisis that the world has experienced. This is how we hope to perpetuate beauty. A handbag or a ring are above all magnificent objects, made by human hands, according to the will of the creator, to deliver it to the person who will wear it: you.

Thus perpetuate the beautiful.
Capsule collections.
Reasoned distribution and soon, we hope, alternative delivery methods.

Everything is handmade in small batches.
Our leathers come from the surpluses of luxury houses.
The glasses are made in a family factory in Italy.
The jewels are made in French factories in Thailand and soon in Italy.
We try to rationalize our decisions, our productions, and thanks to you our sales. We need you, and since you are our partners you will have access to a set of privileges such as private sales, pre-orders, but also personalized items. You can choose the colour of your bag, and even give us your opinion and your wishes for the next production. The accessory that you cannot find elsewhere, you will find it here, at the fairest possible price.
The one that allows each link in the chain that works in the shadows until the object of your dreams arrives at your door to live decently, the one that allows you to buy design and quality without it not or the price that dictates legitimacy.

So, do you agree to be our partner?

It is also a question of connection and transmission. Each object designed with a very thorough intention, deeply thought out. It's what you buy. A work of art, an invisible thread between the creator and yourself.

Architect since 1998, Stéphanie Ifrah mixes form and function, colour and texture, to create in each product an aesthetic shock and an emotional journey. The Rose, synonymous in the story with romance and unfolding mystery, invites you to travel; a bag, a jewel or any object transports you to another place, another time. Follow it, follow your desire...