Start Daring



I looked for ages to find accessories that resembled me, that could express this need in me for the absolute, for minimalism, which had been intensified by my studies in Architecture. Mixed with this desire for beauty, this subtle femininity that I didn’t dare put forward.
I couldn’t find a thing – or if I did, the price was exorbitant and the quality rather dubious.

So I decided to design them.

I didn’t really think about it, because you know how it goes – or maybe you don’t, so I’ll tell you.

You start drawing and things just appear. It’s almost as if these things decide and not you. They appear and you really don’t know where they come from, but there they are – they assert themselves.

Then I found a jewellery workshop, and that was my sign – those drawings could come alive to reality, become real pieces.

I could let my imagination run wild to lead me to what The Rose is today.

These pieces resemble me, and they resemble people like me, people who need a little push to express themselves. People who are trying to find themselves in some way. Well, I think that’s it…

But I could be wrong.

In any case, I know that since I found my style, since I’ve dared to dress and above all to wear original accessories, my life’s become lighter, because my appearance has allowed me to put myself forward to others.

To find myself in order to accept myself.

And I think that this is what touches people, the fragility they sense in the accessories I design.

I feel, since social networks are a kind of meeting place, that I meet people, that through the pieces I design I encounter their fragility and their doubts. And I hope that I bring them the confidence I get by designing and wearing these pieces.

I want to tell them that by getting into the habit of wearing original pieces, they’ll reveal themselves, feel closer to their true self.

Then it’ll become easier and easier, little by little they’ll find their style and will understand that appearance is anything but superficial.

“Form is the essence brought to the surface,” said Victor Hugo. I think this phrase applies perfectly to fashion and even more to elegance.

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