Leather goods


      Our leather bags and accessories are made in Italy in a small workshop created by a father and his daughter. For the Datcha collection and the following, we use surplus leather from luxury houses, which allows us to have very good quality leather at a slightly lower price than if we had to buy it directly. And since we only want to produce small series, we have to adapt to this system which allows leftovers to be used, which seems to us to be a more virtuous approach.

      When you buy a bag, you help the craftsman who makes it, and you help us plan the next collection. Soon you will even be able to guide us so that we create, when you want, the products of your dreams and that you have not yet found in store. And at a fair price.

      You can guide us in the shape and above all choose the leather you have always wanted but could not afford.

      You will thus own a real and rare piece of luxury, designed for you and for our world which needs to breathe differently.